6 Income Producing Activities &
Vital “Daily Practices” That Helped Me
6 Income Producing Activities & Vital “Daily Practices” That Helped Me

Grow Into An
8-figure Business

November 18 @ 3-4 pm Pacific


A FREE Masterclass

 designed to give business owners LIKE YOU access to quick tools & strategies to aid in understanding the business models you need to implement, the financial metrics you must master, and the daily habits needed in order to succeed.

Here's the 
number one secret:

Ensure your time is spent on activities that earn you income.

However, most people don't know what these are!

If you work so hard for so little money, how many times have you scratched your head wondering why? Doesn't it seem like you're trying everything and nothing is working?

Your time is probably being spent on all the wrong things.

In this Masterclass, 

you will learn...

Which business models have helped my clients grow from $250k to $10M and built the online business of their dreams.

The 6 high-income producing activities that MUST be practiced daily to become an 8-figure business.
How to understand the key financial metrics in your business (and master them in your favor)…

Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to finally scale your life’s work online – the one you’ve been dreaming about for years or even decades.

Plus, I’m also going to share some

incredible stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Why would a beauty school graduate who grew up poor ever have hope of growing million-dollar businesses? That is exactly what I did. And now you can, too!

As I progressed through my business, I acquired the skills I needed for the next level. Many clients entrusted me with a number of challenges.

There were those who were not making the money they thought they should, others who were making a lot of money but had nothing to show for it, and others who simply had no idea how their business was doing.

They started calling me their profit coach after I helped them design systems that allowed them to make more money, keep more money, and track their money.

It really rang true for me. I not only help my clients to create more money in their businesses, but I also help them to grow their financial wealth, overall prosperity, and business profitability.

So, you see, I got you!

Hi! I’m your Profit Coach,

Susie Carder

I have helped thousands of businesses grow exponentially, develop radical business strategies, and ramp-up to explosive levels! And we’re talking about 6,7,8 figure business here.

I came with a twenty-year track record that includes building two $10 million companies and selling them for millions!

I will teach you how to truly live your dreams and achieve financial abundance.

This will take just 1 hour of your day but

your gain is PRICELESS!

What Attendees Have To Say...

Glenis Romero Hargreaves
Owner and Founder at Fitness 4 Everybody
"Susie is an abundant master of business leadership. I am so happy to have a sister who gets it. She has the tools to take us from scarcity to abundance. She taught me to get out of my head and breakthrough into abundance. I also learned I am enough. Stop the crickets. I am worth charging for my work. As a breakthrough coach I have helped many people in almost 20 years. I have helped them they have results and therefore I can charge for my work. I went from a volunteer for non-profits to setting up my own business. I could not have accomplished glenis360.com without her help in GLP. I stay at her feet because I need the coaching and reminders daily and seeing her live weekly and my tribe keeps me accountable. Thank you Susie!"
Taunya A. Lowe
Founder at Bhangology

"I remember when I first met Susie Carder I was so intimidated because she scared me with her directness and knowledge of numbers and business operations and I knew that I had a lot to learn and a lot of work to do. When I had the opportunity to work with Susie all I could think about was why couldn't I have met her first before all of the other coaches and programs. Susie uses practical tools and strategies to get your business in gear and it's not cookie cutter either. She was knowledgeable, patient and didn't make me feel bad about what I didn't know. I still talk about the things I learned from Susie and how I would love to work with her again. If you have the opportunity JUMP!! I wish everyone could work with Susie before they launch their business."
Malaun Rice
Transformational Speaker, Coach & Advocate
"Susie Carder is AMAZING!! I knew she was my Profit Coach when I first saw her. She has given me proven strategies to help my business grow, help me overcome some fears I had and most of all she is GENUINE! She will coach you and it will work if you do the work!! She cares about her clients and wants to see us ALL win!!"
Francisca Mandeya
Malaun Rice
Coach Mbira Player Mother at Mothers United
"She is an amazing woman. A powerhouse who is a great teacher and role model. She is funny and serious at the same time. She has made millionaires out of ordinary people and is straight about the need for consistent hardwork and accountability. I love her for her authenticity. If anyone wants to be an entrepreneur, I put my money on Susie."