Session 1 will show you exactly how to:
  • Quickly create a peace-of-mind money plan to help you earn, raise or borrow the cash you need to hit your next goal
  • Get a clear vision of the exact daily and weekly steps you need to take to get paid what you’re worth, AND attract the sales and profit you deserve! 

Session 2 : YOUR SALES PLAN 📈

Session 2 will show you:  
  • What to measure because what gets measured.. gets done.
  • How to make your plan come alive with ACTION. You will walk away understanding what you need to do to hit your revenue goals.


Session 3 will show you: 
  • How to budget for your business. It's all about making an educated guess as to how the future of your business’s finances will look. 
  • Where to point out funds leftover that you can reinvest. You will be able to predict slow months & learn how to estimate what it will take to become profitable so you have a look into the future of your business. 


Session 4 will show you: 
  • If you are living in money Fantasy and how to break free. You will be able to unearth the facts and come to grips with your numbers.  Such as how much you owe, what do you spend and what on, and knowing your net worth and your cash flow. 
  • How much of your spending goes to unnecessary expenses that keep you mired in misery.
    Get these incredible bonuses valued at more than $800  when you purchase your workshop ticket.

      • Bonus #1 - Base Price Formula Tool & Video Training ($97 Value)
      • Bonus #2 - Annual Projection Tool With Worksheet & Video Training ($97 Value)
      • Bonus #3 - Average Ticket Tool with Worksheet & Video Training ($97 Value)
      • Bonus #4 - Cash Calculator Tool & Video Training ($97 value) 
      • Bonus #5 - Hit Your Targets Tool & Video Training ($97 value)
      You’ll find a full description of these powerful bonuses at the bottom of this page!

      If you want information that is easy to grasp & digest - this workshop is for you!


      Lifetime Access to Replays that you can watch at your own convenience

      Grab Your Ticket and ALL the Profit Business Toolkit Bonuses
      Designed to Help You Get Clear on Your Numbers 

      Bonuses are granted instantly after purchase.
      Note: Please act fast as bonuses will be removed the longer you wait. Be in Action. Get Results.

      BONUS # 1

      • Base Price Formula Tool & Video Training
        ($97 Value)
      What It Does: Takes the guesswork out of how to price your products and services.

      Why You Need It: Imagine a simple formula that reveals what you should charge in order to be profitable!

      This tool gives you a simple equation to quickly calculate your break-even point and where you start making profits.

      BONUS # 2

      • Annual Projection Tool With Worksheet & Video Training (Value $97)
      What It Does: Turns the art of making money into an enjoyable game!

      Why You Need It: Take the confusion and scariness out of putting together your financial plan! 

      This simple tool has you be the boss of your business the fun way.
      •  Average Ticket Tool with Worksheet & Video Training ($97 Value)
      What It Does: Tells you how much your average customer spends on your products and services.

      Why You Need It: You can’t hit your profit goals without knowing how many customers it takes to get there.

       This tool gives you the answer! Plus, knowing your average customer value is the starting point for offering higher-level services with bigger margins! 

      BONUS # 4 - EXPIRED

      • Cash Calculator Tool & Video Training
        ($97 value)
      What It Does: Calculates how many qualified leads you need to get the sales you want.

      Why You Need It: Sales is a numbers game. The number of leads you need depends on your closing rate.

       This tool does the work for you to give you the answer.  

      BONUS # 5 - EXPIRED

        • Hit Your Targets Tool & Video Training
          ($97 value)
        What It Does: Holds you and your team accountable to your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

        Why You Need It: Bogged down by too many goals and not enough time? Have you ever set goals and not achieved them?

        This tool gives you an easy way to keep everyone on your team on track - including you! Create big goals, put them into action, and hit your targets!
        Hi, I’m Susie Carder,

        Profit Coach and Business Scaling Strategist

        I have a long track record of leading and creating 6, 7 & 8-figure rapid-growth businesses. “I am not your average business coach. I have helped thousands of businesses achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive!“ I am relentless in pursuing your goals.

        I come with a proven, twenty-year track record that includes building two $10 million companies and selling my business for millions. My passion is creating businesses that allows you to live your dreams and achieve financial abundance. I have created and identified systems that allow us to develop superior operations, finance, marketing, and sales accountability systems. 
        I take complicated issues and simplify them for your success, creating the structure and team necessary to guide your company through the turbulence and uncertainty of dramatic growth.

        I have worked with top leaders in the world of business, including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Zenovia Andrews, Keri Murphy, Doug Carter, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Thompson Learning, Dell, and many more… and now I want to work with YOU!
        Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring Champions, increased her closing percentage by 37% and increased her revenue by 25%, or $772,000, within 2 months of our working together.
        Katja Kempe Vavika, founder of Viveka, built the largest marketplace for connecting coaches with individuals and companies within 1 year of our working together. She increased her revenue by 60%, secured investors, and grew her membership to over 3000 speakers.

        Naomi Sodomin came to me wanting to start a business from scratch. We created her first $100,000 launch, got 36 people in her first group-coaching program, and she wrote a book and became a #1 international best-selling author.

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